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Welcome to Hijack Cellar Systems

Hijack make cellar equipment that is simple to use, you’ll pull the perfect pint of real ale every time. Our range includes racking, auto-tilts, hoists for 1, 2 or 3 tier systems.

Choose HIJACK products and you get –

Simple and easy to use equipment
The most advanced auto-tilt stillages in the world
Ullage can be as low as a pint dependant on cask design.
Auto-tilts that can pay for themselves in weeks
A range fully guaranteed for 2 years

We offer 3 stillaging systems

Individual auto-tilts - for 9 to 22 gallon casks
Compact racking - for 9 to 11 gallon casks
Universal racking - for 9 to 22 gallon casks

Plus - an ever increasing range of accessories

Our major objective - to help you pull the perfect pint of real ale.

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